Capital Corp Merchant Banking, Gilles Herard Jr

Gilles Herard Jr, Gilles Herard, Herard Gilles Jr
Capital Corp Merchant Banking - The city states of Sumer evolved a trade and market economy based earlier on the trade goods money of the Shekel which was a certain slant measure of barley, while the Babylonians and their city state neighbors later produced the earliest system of economics using a metric of various commodities, that was mended in a legal code.

The early law codes from Sumer could be considered the first (written) economic formula, and had many properties still in use in the current price system today... such as codified sums of money for business deals (interest rates), fines in money for 'misconduct', inheritance rules, laws concerning how personal estate is to be taxed or divided, etc. For a succinct of the laws, see Babylonian law and Ancient economic thought.